SendNudes is a brand new network! Before the change, we started off as an anarchy server that got a small playerbase. We decided to expand operations because we wanted other servers that our players can enjoy. More plans for the network are in place when the 1.17 update releases for Minecraft. In the meantime, we have three servers: anarchy, survival, and custom PvP (Ulti). Come on and join us! You can find the IP at the top left of this page. Additionally, you can find our Discord server in the top right of the same page. 

We look forward to seeing you!

Discord Description

The SendNudes community Discord server is a place that players can interact, share memes, and discuss any topics among each other. Players can even vote on potential changes/additions in the Minecraft server, website, or Discord server. As any community, there are rules in-place so everyone has an enjoyable experience. That applies to our community and those who break the rules will face punishment. Privacy is valued and protected by staff, but you are responsible for your safety. Censorship will never be implemented in any server across SendNudes unless it leaks personal information. That means you can post almost anything in the designated channel(s).