The purpose of the website is to offer a sense of community, information, and donation details to our playerbase. The server operator is active and always ensuring enjoyable gameplay. SendNudes was created and developed by memers for memers. Normies are not welcomed, but allowed.

Later on, the server will expand into a network. Expect big brain moves out here!

Server Description

SendNudes is a newly created 1.16.4 vanilla anarchy server with no hacks. Play Minecraft legitly like in single-player, but with minor changes to enhance gameplay. The community is friendly but toxic! Join the party and raid other players or build your fortress far away from spawn. There is no spawn protection or land protection. Do whatever you desire! There are perks for donating but do not disrupt the vanilla gameplay.

Come join the server! Copy the IP (top of page) and paste it in the IP box of Minecraft servers to connect and play. Just be careful, who knows what players you'll meet along your journey. If any issues/bugs occur during playtime, please contact support.

Discord Description

The SendNudes community Discord server is a place that players can interact, share memes, and discuss any topics among each other. Players can even vote on potential changes/additions in the Minecraft server, website, or Discord server. As any community, there are rules in-place so everyone has an enjoyable experience. That applies to our community and those who break the rules will face punishment. Privacy is valued and protected by staff, but you are responsible for your safety. Censorship will never be implemented in any server across SendNudes unless it leaks personal information. That means you can post almost anything in the designated channel(s).