What is it? Google explains that anarchy is the state of disorder because of the lack of authority. Minecraft itself does not have any authority figures, besides yourself since you are in control. Of course, in multiplayer it's a tad bit different. The creation of anarchy servers started a long time ago, with one of them being 2B2T, which is considered to be the most popular anarchy server to date. This genre in Minecraft is unique, that is still growing massively with the help of content creators and the freedom to do anything. For more information about anarchy, click here.

A Brief History

SendNudes anarchy was created in February of 2020 for the purpose to provide a underground meme server. The original game version was hosted on 1.15 and updated right away when the next major update released. The community during the early days were peaceful, nice, and overall not toxic. However, after the 1.16 update, the community shifted gears and started being more toxic and in a way more loving for one another. During that time, the playerbase reached a height of 15 and an average of 5-7 players daily. The Discord community at the same time exploded and managed to climb to 30 members. As time went on, more players joined, stayed, and left.

Present Day

Nowadays, the server has an average of 1 player per day and the Discord server with 60 members. In the summer for 2021, the next major update, 1.17, will release and the anarchy server will shift gears once again. The original server for SendNudes will now become a standalone server that is not incorporated in the network. Many reasons are for doing this, but it is required and the community supports it. The goal for 2021 is to bring more players to the anarchy side of the network and to expand operations. Specifically, to raise the playerbase and Discord community by a notable amount. Of course, only time will tell.

Once the network for SendNudes releases, the new IP for the anarchy server will be: