Here is some useful details regarding the server and in-game features.

Server information:

  • Version: 1.16.4
  • World Border: 500k x 500k
  • Optifine/Badlion clients are allowed to be use.
  • The server will try to keep up with the latest Minecraft version.
  • If you refer a player to the server that donates, make sure they enter your username so rewards can be granted!


  • /help     -     A list of these commands.
  • /rules     -     The rules that everyone must obey.
  • /policy     -     List of punishments for those who break rules.
  • /info     -     A list of the server information.
  • /clients     -      The list of authorized clients to be used in-game.
  • /vote     -     Full list of voting sites and the player's total votes.
  • /msg     -     Private message any player.
  • /pt     -     Lookup a player's information.
  • /ignore     -     Ignore in-game messages from players.
  • /cf ignore     -     Ignore feelings/emotes from players.
  • /discord     -     Displays the server's discord invite link.
  • /suicide     -     Kill yourself in-game.
  • /afk     -     Donors can display an away message in-chat.
  • /feelings     -     Donors can use emotes in-chat.
  • /suffix     -     Supporters can create a suffix at the end of their username in-chat.
  • /perk     -     Supporters are granted a daily reward.
  • /color     -     Supporters can change their username's color.
  • /prefix     -     Sponsors can change their prefix.