Supporter to Sponsor


Package Description

Upon purchase, the player will receive the Sponsor rank in-game.

The rank includes:
(Format: Command or Ability | Description)

/afk | Displays an away broadcast message in-chat.

/feelings | The usage of emotes in-chat.

Sleep Bypass | The player is excluded from the sleep count in-game.

White chat color | Enables the user to talk in-chat with white text.

/color | Choose a color that will be applied to your in-game username.
(HEX/RGB, color, and effects are supported. A list of formats can be found here)

/perk | Every 24 hours the user is granted 32x Experience Bottle.

Collect player heads | Kill any player and obtain their head.

/suffix | Allows the user to create and add a suffix in-chat.
(HEX/RGB, color, and effects supported. A list of formats can be found here)

/prefix | Allows the user to choose a prefix that will display in-chat.

Renaming items | Use effects and color formatting when using an anvil to rename items.

Discord channel | In the server's Discord, the user will have access to private channels.