Custom PvP

What is it? The gametype only involves PvP, used to progress your rank, gear, experience, and money. The combat is inside an arena with crafting, upgrading, repairing, and enchanting stations. There is no safety guaranteed when using these stations. The starting area allows users to grab iron armor and other required items to fight and an enderchest to store items safely. In addition to that, the spawn is protected, allowing players to parkour their way back into the protection. As for the items, they are determined by a percentage system when another kills a player. Each kill always results in 1 to 10 gold ingots and slight chances for other things like diamonds or netherstars to drop. The gold is used for experience points or currency for an in-game shop. The diamonds are used as currency or to craft diamond armor. The netherstars are the rarest drop that is only used for a unique in-game shop. All of this is called Ulti and is a brand new custom gametype.

A Brief History

Many years ago, a server was popular with a similar gametype, but sadly, the playerbase died later. The unique experience along with it also faded away into time. The creator of SendNudes wanted to bring back that gametype and initially did it on another network. However, those servers also faded away.

Present Day

The failed attempts at the restoration of Ulti lead the creator to bring it back onto SendNudes. Although, the gametype is now a lot different from the previous attempts. There is a lot of new features and unique playstyles for all to enjoy. The new PvP server will need players to make it playable, so if the playerbase is strong, then the gametype will be great. When the time comes to release Ulti, the server will become a network of servers that includes both the anarchy and PvP servers. Later on, survival 1.17 will release and replace anarchy. See more about the replacement of anarchy here.